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Care Worker Job Interview Tips

Congratulations! You’ve successfully captured our attention with a stand out application and have been invited to a video interview with Gofal.

This is the final step before you are accepted onto our books and if you’re successful here, you will soon be considered for temporary shifts and be put forward for permanent vacancies, depending on what you’re looking for. This 30-45-minute interview is your chance to really impress and it’s important that you keep the momentum going at this stage! 

Arranging the interview

Once your application has been progressed, one of our recruitment team will reach out to arrange your video interview. Or, if you’re reading this, maybe this has already happened. 

TIP: Once you’ve applied to work with us, make sure you keep an eye on messages and on your emails, and that you have good availability for an interview. Some vacancies come to us at short notice, so you have a better chance of landing some work if you are quick to reply.

We conduct the majority of our video interviews through Microsoft Teams and you will be given a link to join the meeting on a pre-arranged date and time. Please make sure you can access the link and have checked that your technology is working in plenty of time for the interview. It’s vitally important that we can see and hear you clearly, so we advise positioning yourself in a bright spot, ideally with a light source in front of you, preferably with minimal background noise. It can sometimes help to wear earphones with a microphone function.

How to prepare

To ensure the process runs smoothly, here are a few key tips for the day of your interview:

TIP 1: Make sure your presentation is on point! First impressions really count so it’s important that you aim to present yourself as you would for a face to face interview, and as you would do so for work. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and are neatly groomed.

TIP 2: Test your chosen location! As we’ve already mentioned, check your technology well in advance. There’s nothing more frustrating than a conversation that keeps dropping out. And make sure that we will be able to hear you clearly.

TIP 3: Do your research! Make sure you have looked through our website and that you understand who we are, what we do and what work we can offer you. If you are applying for a particular role, make sure you do your research on that too.

TIP 4: Don’t sell yourself short! We don’t advise you to prepare a script because we’d much prefer to have a natural conversation and for you to allow your personality to shine through, however it’s important that you get across the information you want. Consider putting together some bullet points outlining your key skills, experience and any training you’d like to tell us about.

TIP 5: Prepare some questions. Asking relevant questions really shows us that you’ve thought hard about the role you’re applying for, and about joining the agency so it’s a good idea to think of a couple of questions in advance of the interview if you can.

So, you’ve done your prep and you’re raring to go. Bear in mind that the agency interview is a general overview about you and your experience. As the agency we are vetting your suitability to work for our clients and matching you to roles that may be suitable. Therefore the questions are not likely to be clinical, and instead are more focused on you and what you are looking for. Here's what to expect:

STEP 1: Introduction

By this stage we already know quite a lot about you from the conversations we’ve had and from your application, so this is our chance to see how you interact face to face (over video!). Treat this as an introductory chat, professional but not too formal. We’ll ask you some general questions about your work history, qualifications and experience to start off. We’re looking for people who are confident, easy to talk to and most of all keep us engaged in the conversation.

TIP: We know that interviews can sometimes feel intimidating but try to stay relaxed and show us that you’re a people person who can converse warmly and with empathy.

STEP 2: All about you

We will ask you questions surrounding your attitude to work and what motivates you.

We also use this part of the interview to learn a little more about why you joined the agency and what you are looking for in terms of work frequency, flexibility, location and preferences. It’s important that you’re honest with us here! Even if you can only work one day/week or if there are locations you can’t get to, we have such a wide variety of requests from our clients that it’s likely we will still be able to find work for you.

It may also be that there are certain care settings where you prefer to work and others you would rather avoid. Are you someone that enjoys the variety of working in multiple places or do you prefer to find somewhere you like and stick to it? This is all important information and gives us a better insight into who you are and where you will be happiest.

STEP 3: Workplace scenarios

During your interview we will present you with a couple of workplace scenarios and ask you to give us examples of how you’ve dealt with a situation like this in the past, or how you would do so if it arose such as;

  • What would you do if you were running late for a shift?
  • How would you deal with a patient that was presenting challenging behaviour?
  • How would you deal with a conflict at work with a colleague?

These questions sound simple but it’s a really good opportunity for you to give us an insight into how you work in practice and how you deal with certain situations that crop up during the working day. Have a think about difficult situations that you feel you’ve handled well during your career as you may have an opportunity to tell us about these achievements in your video interview.

STEP 4: Your questions

As we’ve mentioned, we reserve 5-10 minutes at the end of the interview to answer any questions you may have about the agency, our vacancies and anything specific relating to a role we may be talking to you about.

If successful we will add you to our candidate database so we can notify you about suitable jobs that arise, and potentially put you forward for a second interview with one of our clients if we have a current vacancy that's a good fit.

We pride ourselves on being a supportive employer and you can always get in touch with us to discuss your video interview or anything else about the agency. You can reach our recruiters at our dedicated staffing email; recruitment@gofalrecruitment.co.uk

You can also find out more about how we can support you on our candidate page.